Company Overview

Diversified was formed in 1993 as a full-service systems and media technology integration company, originally addressing the technical needs of the broadcast, audio-visual, IT and RF market segments. However, as the market needs continued to grow and evolve, so did Diversified’s service offerings. Over the years, the company made a series of strategic investments and acquisitions that not only expanded their portfolio of expertise but also extended their geographic footprint to better serve a growing client base.

With the enhanced capabilities, Diversified emerged as an industry leading technology solutions provider delivering innovative digital media, collaborative, broadcasting, electronic security, and OTT solutions to a global clientele across a wide array of markets including financial, media & entertainment, enterprise, energy, higher education, technology, healthcare, hospitality, government, and more. As an engineering-centric organization, specialized teams of technical experts partner with clients to design custom solutions that enhance their operations, increase productivity, and help drive ROI.

Today Diversified has more than 50+ offices serving Fortune 500 clients around the world and is widely recognized for thought leadership and strategic enterprise implementation. From initial design consultation to deployment to managed services, Diversified is a trusted technology partner.

Our Foundational Values

Diversified associates are inspiring, passionate and innovative. No matter where they are around the world, each helps to create a culture that unites us.

Values are essential for a healthy workplace. The foundational values below guide our team and provide them with a strong purpose that resonates with our global workforce.

  • INSPIRED by Challenge- We don’t just welcome a challenge—we crave it. In addition to being able to do the complex work, it actually motivates us—we love it.
  • DRIVEN by Imagination- We lead with ingenuity. We don’t settle for status quo, and we don’t give up. We keep our eyes on the future to continually redefine what’s possible.
  • PASSIONATE about Success- Helping people be successful is our passion. For our clients, as well as for each other, we are relentlessly focused on exceeding expectations through exceptional outcomes.
  • DIVERSE and UNITED- Diversity is in our DNA. We respect and celebrate our varied backgrounds and unique experiences from around the globe. We are aligned with a common goal: to achieve greatness together and for the communities we serve.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

We’ve all heard these words before, perhaps more frequently of recent than we have in a while. These words recognize systemic differences in experience. Experiences that have likely had a resounding effect on many of our lives. These words also represent an opportunity for betterment—an opportunity Diversified is committed to realizing to its full potential for the advancement of our associates internally as well as the communities we serve, externally.


Big, complex, and rewarding. Projects that you write home about. Designed by the brightest and installed by the best, our team shares the DNA of excellence.

Company Summary
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