Erika Andersen is the founding partner of Proteus, a consulting and training firm that focuses on leader readiness. She serves as coach and advisor to the senior executives of such companies as GE, Time Warner Cable, TJX, NBCUniversal and Union Square Hospitality Group. Erika’s latest book, Leading So People Will Follow (Jossey-Bass, October 2012) has just been selected by Amazon as one of the 10 Best Business Books for October, and is one of 3 Jack Covert Selects for October, as well. She is also the author of Being Strategic: Plan for Success; Outthink Your Competitors; Stay Ahead of Change (St. Martin’s Press, May 2009), and Growing Great Employees: Turning Ordinary People into Extraordinary Performers (Portfolio, 2006), and the author and host of Being Strategic with Erika Andersen on Public Television.

Since their start in 1990, Proteus International has been helping clients get clear about the future they want to create for themselves and then consistently choose the simplest, most feasible ways to make that future a reality. Proteus grew out of a desire to help leaders get ready for the future and offers consulting, coaching, facilitation, and training in three practice areas: Clarifying Vision and Strategy, Strengthening Leaders, and Building Skills and Knowledge.