Zach Olsen is a Consultant at HR Analytical Services. HR Analytical Services provides assistance to organizations facing regulatory scrutiny from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and other governmental bodies concerned with enforcing affirmative action and equal opportunity regulations. HR Analytical Services has a reputation of closely tracking trends and new developments at OFCCP to provide sound and practical solutions before and during regulatory reviews.

In his capacity as a Consultant, Zach Olsen has a primary focus on the development of affirmative action plans that meet the needs of organizations that must pass scrutiny by regulatory agencies. Zach also works with clients to ensure that employment policies, processes, and procedures align with their affirmative action efforts. Prior to joining HR Analytical Services, Zach worked for the City of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and was involved in performing compensation analyses, conducting research for labor negotiations, and presenting financial information to the city administrator.